How are you different from other photographers?


You're so not just a job for me!


I only take on a handful of Weddings and Portraits every year so I can devote my time to ensure your happiness, quality of images and experience.


I understand that the experience of being photographed is just as important as the images themselves. I will work with you to make sure you feel as beautiful and stunning as your images will look.


Coming from a fine art background, I have a unique perspective and style. I work on not only capturing candid raw moments but also constructing captivating contemporary compositions. These will become centerpieces on your wall, and tell stories through your albums.



Do your travel? Destination weddings?


YES. Absolutely. Book me a flight + accommodation and I'm there.


I have two home bases at the moment Manilla, NSW and Evans Head, NSW.
My travel is free 200km from either of these locations.



Will i get digital copies of my photos? How many?


   You absolutely will! i will shoot 2000-3000 photos on the day, lets be honest, Photoshop is pretty awesome but it wont fix Uncle Joe's constant blinking. So once i've removed all the double images (blinking etc), you will receive between 600-900 digital photos at high resolution all individually retouched by me. You will also receive a low resolution set for easy uploading on social media as well as an online gallery to show your friends and family.


Can we meet with you and discuss our wedding?


Of course! I'd love to meet you! I'd actually prefer this. Your wedding photographer is one of the most, if not most important component of your wedding. It's so vital that you find the right fit for you. I'd love to meet you and get to know you and your story. I won't just send you a few emails and receive a cheque- the relationship we form will last long after your wedding and planning of an album. I want to get to know you so i can tailor everything for you and make the experience perfect for you.


Do you photograph same-sex couples and elopements?


If you're in love, I'm all for it. I'm Pro LOVE.


The world is made up of all amazing, individual people, who feel, think and love differently, it's what make the world such an exciting and extraordinary place to live in.


We've all had such different experiences of life and love. There should be no judgments.


We're keen to book you for our wedding, what's the next step?


A non-refundable retainer of $700 is required to hold you date, at this time you will also complete an Online agreement. The remainder of the balance is due 3 weeks before your wedding day.


What if it rains on my wedding day?!


You little ripper! It's going to be awesome! Rain won't spoil your day, but it will make for some pretty epic photos if you're willing to get a little bit wet. This stuff is photographer’s gold! If you are however, water shy this won't at all limit the photos we can create, there will be awesome creativeness had, and your toes will stay dry!

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